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LAXTON'S nrm 2017


‘LAXTON’S 2017’ has been released in two formats; Laxton’s NRM 2017 and Laxton’s SMM 2017. Both of these are available as a fully bookmarked PDF file on a CD.

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LAXTON'S NRM Building Price Book - 2017 is the new version prepared in accordance with the RICS New Rules of Measurement – NRM2: Detailed measurement for building works –. These rules became operative from 1st January 2013. The library of descriptions has been prepared in accordance with NRM2 which is already being taught in Universities and used by quantity surveyors, local and public authorities, health authorities, Housing Associations and others.

Laxton’s SMM Building Price Book - 2017 has been prepared, as with previous editions, for those who need access to the prices in the traditional format based on SMM7.

Laxton’s includes detailed, fully resourced, priced, easy to use libraries of every day construction items checked and updated as at September/October 2016,, essential information on preliminaries, wages, guide prices, dayworks, CDM, company information, tables etc and other general information updated for 2017.

Laxton’s are regarded as the estimators essential tool - often referred to as his bible!

“Every job we price is different but Laxton’s 2017 takes all in its stride, as well as prices, details are provided of where to find more information in its company information sections, and approximate prices where quick budgets are needed.”

Laxton’s 2017 editors and authors V B Johnson LLP have done it again, the price books have been prepared in accordance with NRM2 and SMM7, while the ‘Bleeds’ on each page make for quick and easy searching.

According to Peter Judd, one of the editors of Laxton’s 2017 “I am surprised at how often we receive telephone calls from contractors, Local Authorities and other employers requesting a copy of Laxton’s and how pleased they have been with the comprehensive data provided”

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The contents of the Laxton's NRM 2017 version of the book is as follows:

How to Use and Essential Information
Preliminaries/General Conditions


3       Demolitions

4       Alterations, repairs and conservation

5       Excavating and filling

7       Piling

8       Underpinning

9       Diaphragm walls and embedded retaining walls, Crib walls, gabions and reinforced earth

11      In-situ concrete works

12      Precast/composite concrete

13      Precast concrete

14      Masonry

15      Structural metalwork

16      Carpentry

17      Sheet roof coverings

18      Tile and slate roof and wall coverings

19      Waterproofing

20      Proprietary linings and partitions

21      Cladding and covering

22      General joinery

23      Windows, screens and lights

24      Doors, shutters and hatches

25      Stairs, walkways and balustrades

26      Metalwork

27      Glazing

28      Floor, wall, ceiling and roof finishings

29      Decoration

30      Suspended ceilings

31      Insulation, fire stopping and fire protection

32      Furniture, fittings and equipment

33      Drainage above ground

34      Drainage below ground

35      Site works

36      Fencing

37      Soft landscaping

38      Mechanical services

39      Electrical services

40      Transportation

41      Builder’s work in connection with mechanical, electrical and transportation installations

Basic Prices of Materials
Composite Prices for Approximate Estimating
Cost plan for an office development
Cost plan for a detached house
Composite prices

Standard Rates of Wages
Builders’ and Contractors Plant
Guide Prices to Building Types per Square Metre
National Working Rule Agreement
Daywork Charges
Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
Construction Procurement
Sustainable Construction
Tables and Memoranda
Metric System


Published by Laxton's Publishing Limited
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