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CPI reference:   A01  -  Institutions/ Associations/ Trade Organisations

Accrediting body and learned society              Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)       www.cibse.org

Aluminium trade association              Aluminium Federation Ltd       www.alfed.org.uk

Aluminium window association              Council for Aluminium in Building       www.c-a-b.org.uk

Architectural aluminium association              Council for Aluminium in Building       www.c-a-b.org.uk

Asbestos training courses for management and operatives              Asbestos Removal Contractors' Association       www.arca.org.uk

Association              Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA)       www.ferfa.org.uk

Association and institution              Joint Council For The Building & Civil Engineering Industry (N. Ireland)       www.cefni.co.uk

Association of concrete technologists              The Institute of Concrete Technology       ict.concrete.org.uk/

Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors              Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors (ACIFC)       www.acifc.org

BCIS Dayworks Rates Online              BCIS       www.rics.org/bcis

BCIS Online              BCIS       www.rics.org/bcis

BCIS Rebuild Online              BCIS       www.rics.org/bcis

BCIS Review Online              BCIS       www.rics.org/bcis

Bookshops              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Brick information service              Brick Development Association       www.brick.org.uk

Builders and Master Wrights Association, Scotland              Scottish Master Wrights and Builders Association (SMWBA)       www.smwba.org.uk

Builders federation              Federation of Master Builders       www.fmb.org.uk

Builders federation              National Federation of Builders       www.builders.org.uk

Building & Engineering Services Association              Building & Engineering Services Association       www.b-es.org.uk

Building Cost Information Service              BCIS       www.rics.org/bcis

CAA              Cement Admixtures Association       www.admixtures.org.uk

Campaigns in Britain and abroad              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Carpet manufacturers trade association              The Carpet Foundation       www.carpetfoundation.com

Carpet Industry Trade Association              The Carpet Foundation       www.carpetfoundation.com

Carpet promotion              The Carpet Foundation       www.carpetfoundation.com

Casework to save old buildings at risk from damage or demolition              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Ceramic Research Association (formerly Ceram)              Lucideon       www.lucideon.com

Charity for the built environment              Civic Trust       www.civictrust.org.uk

Clay pipe trade asssociation              Clay Pipe Development Association Ltd       www.cpda.co.uk

Client services and advice              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Concrete Society              The Institute of Concrete Technology       ict.concrete.org.uk/

Conferences and events              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Construction employers federation              Construction Employers Federation       www.cefni.co.uk

Construction information on CD-Rom.              IHS       www.ihs.com

Construction information service online              IHS       www.ihs.com

Consultancy on Timber              TRADA Technology Ltd       www.tradatechnology.co.uk

Consultancy services on procurement              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Contract flooring journal              Contract Flooring Association       www.cfa.org.uk

Copper Development Association              Copper Development Association       www.copperalliance.org.uk

Cost engineers' association              Association of Cost Engineers       www.acoste.org.uk

Damp control              The Property Care Association       www.property-care.org

Decorators trade association              Painting & Decorating Association       www.paintingdecoratingassociation.co.uk

Design competitions administration              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Distributor of the Arts' share of the National Lottery              Arts Council England       www.artscouncil.org.uk

Draught proofing trade association              Draught Proofing Advisory Association       www.dpaa-association.org.uk

Dry stone walling association              Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain       www.dswa.org.uk

Education and training for building professionals              Brick Development Association       www.brick.org.uk

Electrical association              Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA)       www.eca.co.uk

Estimators              John Watson & Carter       www.vbjohnson.com

Estimators              V B Johnson LLP       www.vbjohnson.co.uk

Event organizing/book seller/information provider              Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)       www.cibse.org

Events including lectures and regional group visits              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Fencing Contractor Association              Fencing Contractors Association       www.fencingcontractors.org

Fire Safety Industry              Fire Industry Association       www.fia.uk.com

Flood Protection              The Property Care Association       www.property-care.org

Flood remediation              The Property Care Association       www.property-care.org

Forestry              Confor: Promoting forestry and wood       www.confor.org.uk

Free technical advice on the maintenance of old buildings              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Gallery              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Galvanizers trade association              Galvanizers Association       www.galvanizing.org.uk

Gas safety consultants              Corgi Technical Dervices       www.corgitechnical.com

Glazing trade association              Glass and Glazing Federation       www.ggf.org.uk

Heating and ventilating trade association              Building & Engineering Services Association       www.b-es.org.uk

Imlementation of working rules & wage rates for the industry              Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry       www.jib.org.uk

Information & advice on craft of dry stone walling.              Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain       www.dswa.org.uk

Information & helpline services              Flat Roofing Alliance (FRA)       www.fra.org.uk

Information on Copper & Copper alloys              Copper Development Association       www.copperalliance.org.uk

Information service to businesses              British Library – Business & Intellectual Property Centre       www.bl.uk/business-and-ip-centre

Institution of Incorporated Engineers in electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering (IIE)              The Institution of Engineering and Technology       www.theiet.org.uk

Institutions and association              Architectural Association       www.aaschool.ac.uk

Institutions and association              Asbestos Removal Contractors' Association       www.arca.org.uk

Institutions and association              Association of Interior Specialists (AIS)       www.ais-interiors.org.uk

Institutions and association              British Precast Concrete Federation       www.britishprecast.org

Institutions and association              British Standards Institution       www.bsi-global.com

Institutions and association              Catering Equipment Suppliers Association       www.cesa.org.uk

Institutions and association              Craft Guild of Chefs       www.craftguildofchefs.org

Institutions and association              Friends of the Earth       www.foe.co.uk

Institutions and association              Historic England       https://historicengland.org.uk/

Institutions and association              HMSO Publications Office       www.legislation.gov.uk

Institutions and association              Institution of Engineering and Technology       www.theiet.org

Institutions and association              Institution of Mechanical Engineers       www.imeche.org.uk

Institutions and association              Institution of Structural Engineers       www.istructe.org

Institutions and association              Mortar Industry Association       www.mortar.org.uk

Institutions and association              Ordnance Survey       www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Institutions and association              Quarry Products Association       www.qpa.org

Institutions and association              Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)       www.architecture.com

Institutions and association              Royal Town Planning Institute       www.rtpi.org.uk

Institutions and associations              British Association for Chemical Specialities       www.bacsnet.org

Institutions and associations              British Association of Landscape Industries       www.bali.org.uk

Institutions and associations              British Refrigeration Association (BRA)       www.feta.co.uk

Institutions and Associations              Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA)       www.bcia.co.uk

Institutions and associations              Civic Trust       www.civictrust.org.uk

Institutions and Associations              Confederation of British Metalforming       www.crsauk.com

Institutions and associations              European Lead Sheet Industry Association       www.elsia.org

Institutions and associations              Institution of Civil Engineers       www.ice.org.uk

Institutions and associations              Interpave       www.paving.org.uk

Institutions and associations              National Federation of Master Steeplejacks & Lightning Conductor Engineers       www.nfmslce.co.uk

Institutions and associations              Precast Flooring Federation       www.precastfloors.info

Institutions and associations              Prestressed Concrete Association       www.bridgebeanns.org.uk

Institutions and associations              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Institutions and associations              The Concrete Society       www.concrete.org.uk

Institutions and associations              The Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association       www.kbsa.org.uk

Institutions/ Associations/ Trade Organisations              Design Council       www.designcouncil.org.uk

Institutions/Associations              British Slate Association       www.stone-federationgb.org.uk

Institutions/Associations              FeRFA       www.ferfa.org.uk

Institutions/Associations              Institute of Quarrying       www.quarrying.org

Institutions/Associations              Leatherhead Food Research Association       www.leatherheadfood.com

Institutions/Associations              Sprayed Concrete Association       www.sca.org.uk

Institutions/Associations              Stone Federation Great Britain       www.stone-federationgb.org.uk

Institutions/Associations/Trade Organisations              Be-Plas Marketing Ltd       www.beplas.com

Insulated Render & Cladding Association Ltd              Insulated Render & Cladding Association       www.inca-ltd.org.uk

Insulation association              National Insulation Association Ltd       www.nia-uk.org

Invasive weed control              The Property Care Association       www.property-care.org

Journals              Contract Journal       www.contractjournal.com

LIA              Lighting Industry Association, The       www.thelia.org.uk

Lift and Escalator Industry Association              LEIA       www.leia.co.uk

Lighting Industry Association              Lighting Industry Association, The       www.thelia.org.uk

Lucideon - Ceramic Research              Lucideon       www.lucideon.com

Manholes              Concrete Pipeline Systems Association       www.concretepipes.co.uk

National Access & Scaffolding Confederation Ltd (NASC)              National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC)       www.nasc.org.uk

National funding body for arts in England              Arts Council England       www.artscouncil.org.uk

National organisation for the steel construction industry              British Constructional Steelwork Association Ltd       www.steelconstruction.org

Nurseries              Confor: Promoting forestry and wood       www.confor.org.uk

Painting contractors trade association              Painting & Decorating Association       www.paintingdecoratingassociation.co.uk

Patent glazing contractors association              Council for Aluminium in Building       www.c-a-b.org.uk

Pipes              Concrete Pipeline Systems Association       www.concretepipes.co.uk

Plant Managers' Journal              Contract Journal       www.contractjournal.com

Product and material information and literature              The Building Centre Group Ltd       www.buildingcentre.co.uk

Professional body              Chartered Institute of Building       www.ciob.org

Professional Body              Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)       www.rics.org

Professional body for wastes managment              Chartered Institute of Wastes Management       www.ciwm.co.uk

Professional body registered as an educational charity              Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering       www.ciphe.org.uk

Professional institution              Chartered Building Company Scheme       www.cbcscheme.org.uk

Professional institution              Chartered Building Consultancy Scheme       www.cbcscheme.org.uk

Professional recognition and development for Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians in electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering              The Institution of Engineering and Technology       www.theiet.org.uk

Publications on care and repair of old buildings              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Publications: contract flooring association members handbook              Contract Flooring Association       www.cfa.org.uk

Publishing house (rutland press), guides etc              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Registration of apprentice electricians              Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry       www.jib.org.uk

Represent RIBA in Scotland              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Scottish architectural trade association              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Sealant Applicators Trade Organisation              Association of Sealant Applicators Ltd (ASA)       www.associationofsealantapplicators.org

SED - The National Event For Construction              Contract Journal       www.contractjournal.com

Separate mills section              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Services to architects including PI insurance              Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland       www.rias.org.uk

Special events run by SPAB in Scotland              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Steel window association              Steel Window Association       www.steel-window-association.co.uk

Structural repair               The Property Care Association       www.property-care.org

Structural Waterproofing              The Property Care Association       www.property-care.org

TCPA Publications              Town and Country Planning Association       www.tcpa.org.uk

Technical advice information sheets              Flat Roofing Alliance (FRA)       www.fra.org.uk

Technical Consultancy              British Glass Manufacturers Confederation       www.britglass.org.uk

Technical, training, health & safety representation              Flat Roofing Alliance (FRA)       www.fra.org.uk

Telephone enquiry point              British Library – Business & Intellectual Property Centre       www.bl.uk/business-and-ip-centre

Telephone help line for building professionals              Barbour Enquiry Service       www.barbour-index.co.uk

Terrazzo, marble and mosaic federation              National Federation of Terrazzo, Marble & Mosaic Specialists       www.nftmms.org

Testing, certification and technical approval              British Board of Agrément       www.bbacerts.co.uk

Thatched roof advice, training and insurance              Thatching Advisory Services Ltd       thatchingadvisoryservices.co.uk

The construction information service              NBS       www.thenbs.com

The Institution of Engineering and Technology              The Institution of Engineering and Technology       www.theiet.org.uk

The Lighting Industry Association              Lighting Industry Association, The       www.thelia.org.uk

The welding institute              TWI       www.twi.co.uk

Timber preservation              The Property Care Association       www.property-care.org

Town and Country Planing Journal              Town and Country Planning Association       www.tcpa.org.uk

Trade Association              Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP)       www.asfp.org.uk

Trade Association              Bitumen Waterproofing Association       www.bwa-europe.com

Trade association              Brick Development Association       www.brick.org.uk

Trade Association              British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA)       www.bbsa.org.uk

Trade Association              British Coatings Federation       www.coatings.org.uk

Trade association              British Constructional Steelwork Association Ltd       www.steelconstruction.org

Trade Association              British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association       www.beama.org.uk

Trade Association              British Fenestration Rating Council       www.bfrc.org

Trade Association              British Flue & Chimney Manufacterers Association       www.feta.co.uk/associations/bfcma

Trade Association              British Glass Manufacturers Confederation       www.britglass.org.uk

Trade Association              British Plastics Federation, The       www.bpf.co.uk

Trade Association              British Pump Manufacturers Association       www.bpma.org.uk

Trade Association              British Security Industry Association       www.bsia.co.uk

Trade Association              British Stainless Steel Association       www.bssa.org.uk

Trade Association              British Structural Waterproofing Association, The       www.bswa.org.uk

Trade Association              British Woodworking Federation       www.bwf.org.uk

Trade Association              Builders Merchants Federation       www.bmf.org.uk

Trade Association              Building Reserch Establishment       www.bre.co.uk

Trade Association              Chartered Institute of Arbitrators       www.arbitrators.org

Trade Association              Civil Engineering Contractors Association       www.ceca.co.uk

Trade Association              Concrete Block Association       www.cba-blocks.org.uk

Trade Association              Construction Industry Research & Information Association       www.ciria.org

Trade Association              Construction Industry Training Board       www.citb.org.uk

Trade Association              Construction Plant-hire Association       www.cpa.uk.net

Trade Association              Constructionline       www.constructionline.co.uk

Trade Association              Door and Hardware Federation       www.dhfonline.org.uk

Trade Association              Drilling & Sawing Association, The       www.drillandsaw.org.uk

Trade Association              Federation of Piling Specialists       www.fps.org.uk

Trade Association              Federation of Plastering and Drywall Contractors       www.fpdc.org

Trade Association              Garage Equipment Association Ltd       www.gea.co.uk

Trade Association              Guild of Architectural Ironmongers       www.gai.org.uk

Trade Association              Guild of Builders & Contractors, The       www.buildersguild.co.uk

Trade Association              Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Manufacturers Association (HEVAC)       www.feta.co.uk

Trade Association              Institute of Ashphalt Technology, the       www.instituteofasphalt.org

Trade Association              Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers       www.isse.co.uk

Trade Association              Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry       www.jib.org.uk

Trade Association              Lift and Escalator Industry Association,The       www.leia.co.uk

Trade Association              National Association of Shopfitters       www.shopfitters.org

Trade Association              National Federation of Demolition Contractors       www.demolition-nfdc.com

Trade Association              National Federation of Roofing Contractors Ltd., The       www.nfrc.co.uk

Trade Association              National House Building Council       www.nhbc.co.uk

Trade Association              National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting       www.niceic.org.uk

Trade Association              Painting & Decorating Association       www.paintingdecoratingassociation.co.uk

Trade Association              PRA Coatings Technology Centre       www.pra-world.com

Trade association              Quarry Products Association       www.qpa.org

Trade Association              Rural Industrial Design & Building Association       www.rdba.org.uk

Trade Association              Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers' Federation       www.snipef.org

Trade Association              Single Ply Roofing Association       www.spra.co.uk

Trade Association              Solar Trade Association, The       www.solartradeassociation.org.uk

Trade Association              The Tile Association       www.tiles.org.uk

Trade Association              Thermal Insulation Contractors Association       www.tica-acad.com/tica.htm

Trade Association              Timber Trade Federation       www.ttf.co.uk

Trade Association              UK Mineral Wool Association,The       www.eurisol.com

Trade Association              Vitreous Enamel Association, The       www.vea.org.uk

Trade Association              Wall Tie Installers Federation       www.wtif.org.uk

Trade Association              Wallcovering Manufacturers Association (now part of the British Coatings Federation)       www.coatings.org.uk

Trade association for the ceramic tile industry              The Tile Association       www.tiles.org.uk

Trade association for the factory produced mortar industry              Mortar Industry Association       www.mortar.org.uk

Trade association for the lift & escalator industry              LEIA       www.leia.co.uk

Trade Association Service              Mastic Asphalt Council       www.masticasphaltcouncil.co.uk

Trade associations of electrical and electronics sector              Beama Ltd       www.beama.org.uk

Trade Body              British Adhesives and Sealants Association       www.basa.uk.com

Trade Organisation              Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service       www.acas.org.uk

Trade Organisation              Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE)       www.acenet.co.uk

Trade Organisation              Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors       www.aphc.co.uk

Trade Organisation              Bathroom Manufacturers Association, The       www.bathroom-association.org

Trade Organisation              British Ceramic Confederation       www.ceramfed.co.uk

Trade Organisation              MPA Cement       www.mineralproducts.org

Training programs and courses for professionals, craftsmen and owners              Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)       www.spab.org.uk

Urethane foam industry trade association              British Urethane Foam Contractors Association       www.bufca.co.uk

Wall ties trade association              British Wall Tie Association       www.bwta.org.uk

Water and Wastewater Association              British Water       www.britishwater.co.uk

Wood              Confor: Promoting forestry and wood       www.confor.org.uk

Wood Panels              Wood Panels Industries Federation       www.wpif.org.uk

CPI reference:   A02  -  Building contractors

Asbestos removal              Rhodar Limited       www.Rhodar.co.uk

Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors              Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors (ACIFC)       www.acifc.org

Bespoke joinery              Pearce Construction (Barnstaple) Limited       www.pearcebarnstaple.co.uk

Builders              Ogilvie Construction Ltd

Building and development              Pearce Construction (Barnstaple) Limited       www.pearcebarnstaple.co.uk

Building contractor              TH Kenyon & Sons Ltd       www.kenyonplc.com

Building contractor incorporating partnering, guaranteed max price, PFI, lease back, facilities management, site finding              GallifordTry       www.gallifordtry.co.uk

Building contractors              Advanced Interior Solutions Ltd       https://www.ais-interiors.com/

Building Contractors              Clifford Partitioning Co Ltd       www.cliffordpartitioning.co.uk

Civil engineering              Freyssinet Ltd       www.freyssinet.co.uk

Construction              Kier Limited       www.kier.co.uk

Design and build surfacings contractors              Easi-Fall International Ltd       www.easifall.co.uk

Electrical services Contractor              Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd       www.kershawmechanical.co.uk/

Fencing contractors              Burn Fencing Limited       www.burnfencing.co.uk

Housing              Kier Limited       www.kier.co.uk

Housing              Pearce Construction (Barnstaple) Limited       www.pearcebarnstaple.co.uk

Interior contractors              Gifford Grant Ltd       www.gifford-grant.com

Landscape contractors              Gearing F T Landscape Services Ltd       www.ft-gearing.co.uk

Mechcanical services Contractor              Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd       www.kershawmechanical.co.uk/

Minor civil engineering              Chestnut Products Limited       www.chestnut-products.co.uk

Plumbers              Ogilvie Construction Ltd

Property development              Kier Limited       www.kier.co.uk

Refurbishment and Building contractors              Shaylor Group Plc       www.shaylorgroup.com

Retail, Leisure, Ditribution, manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, heathcare, education, offices and food processing sector of the industry              Simons Construction Ltd       www.simonsgroup.com

Roofing contractor              Evans Howard Roofing Ltd       www.howardevansroofingandcladding.co.uk

Sports field contractor              Bernhards Landscapes Ltd       www.bernhards.co.uk

Sports ground construction              AMK Fence-In Limited       www.amkfence-in.co.uk

Structural enhancement              Freyssinet Ltd       www.freyssinet.co.uk

CPI reference:   A10  -  Project particulars

Architectural and Exhibition model makers              Modelscape       www.modelscape.co.uk

Architectural presentation planning design              Comber Models       www.combermodels.com

ATM enclosures              Pearce Security Systems       www.ensig.co.uk

Business to Business Listings              Glenigan Ltd       www.glenigan.com

Capital Allowance Assessors              Johnson VB LLP       www.vbjohnson.co.uk

Chartered quantity surveyors              John Watson & Carter       www.vbjohnson.com

Chartered quantity surveyors              Sawyer & Fisher

Chartered quantity surveyors              V B Johnson LLP       www.vbjohnson.co.uk

Construction related Sector              Glenigan Ltd       www.glenigan.com

Consultancy              Carter Retail Equipment Ltd       www.cre-ltd.co.uk

Cost Engineers              Johnson VB LLP       www.vbjohnson.co.uk

Design an Procurement              Robinson Lloyds Architecture       www.robinson-lloyd.com

Education services design and procurement              Robinson Lloyds Architecture       www.robinson-lloyd.com

Electrical services              H Pickup Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd       www.hpickup.co.uk/

Energy Performance Certificates              Oakwood Property Solutions       www.oakwoodps.co.uk

Estimators              DWA Partnership       www.dwa-p.co.uk

Estimators              Johnson VB LLP       www.vbjohnson.co.uk

General engineering              Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd       www.turnbull-scott.co.uk

Health services design and procurement              Robinson Lloyds Architecture       www.robinson-lloyd.com

Mechanical services              H Pickup Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd       www.hpickup.co.uk/

Mechanical, electrical and process services engineers              Shepherd Engineering Services Ltd       www.ses-ltd.co.uk

Models              Comber Models       www.combermodels.com

Modular cash rooms              Pearce Security Systems       www.ensig.co.uk

On Line Home improvements support              DIY Doctor       www.diydoctor.org.uk

Project management              Carter Retail Equipment Ltd       www.cre-ltd.co.uk

Project Managers              Johnson VB LLP       www.vbjohnson.co.uk

Project particulars              Advanced Interior Solutions Ltd       https://www.ais-interiors.com/

Project particulars              British Standards Institution       www.bsi-global.com

Quantity Surveyors              DWA Partnership       www.dwa-p.co.uk

Quantity Surveyors              Johnson VB LLP       www.vbjohnson.co.uk

Rising armour screens              Pearce Security Systems       www.ensig.co.uk

Rotary transfer units              Pearce Security Systems       www.ensig.co.uk

Sales Leads              Glenigan Ltd       www.glenigan.com

SAP Calculations              Oakwood Property Solutions       www.oakwoodps.co.uk

Security lobbies              Pearce Security Systems       www.ensig.co.uk

Social care services design and procurement              Robinson Lloyds Architecture       www.robinson-lloyd.com

Stats & Rankings Lists              Glenigan Ltd       www.glenigan.com

Structural Steelwork Design              Billington Structures Ltd       www.billington-structures.co.uk

Take off, bills of quantities and estimating              EITE & Associates

Trade Association              Cast Metals Federation       www.castmetalsfederation.com

Water Calculations              Oakwood Property Solutions       www.oakwoodps.co.uk

CPI reference:   A12  -  The site/ Existing buildings

Drone Surveys              Select Aerial Photography       www.selectaerialphotography.co.uk

CPI reference:   A20  -  The Contract/ Sub-contract

Advice given to Contractors              National Federation of Builders       www.builders.org.uk

Expert witness              British Glass Manufacturers Confederation       www.britglass.org.uk

Guide to sustainable procurement in the water industry              British Water       www.britishwater.co.uk

CPI reference:   A30  -  Tendering/ Subletting/ Supply

Building Price Book              Laxton's Publishing Ltd       www.laxton-s.co.uk

CPI reference:   A31  -  Provision, content and use of documents

Books              Town and Country Planning Association       www.tcpa.org.uk

CPD seminars              DW Windsor Lighting       www.dwwindsor.co.uk

NBS Building              NBS       www.thenbs.com

NBS Create              NBS       www.thenbs.com

Online bookshop              BRE       www.bre.co.uk

CPI reference:   A32  -  Management of the Works

Building regulations approved documents England & Wales              NBS       www.thenbs.com

Management of the Works              Advanced Interior Solutions Ltd       https://www.ais-interiors.com/

Project management              DW Windsor Lighting       www.dwwindsor.co.uk

Publishers of the National Building Specification.              NBS       www.thenbs.com

Sub Contract Engineers              Multi Marque Production Engineering Ltd       www.multi-marque.co.uk

Windows based Q.S, and civils contract administration and estimating software              CSSP (Construction Software Services Partnership)       www.cssp.co.uk

CPI reference:   A33  -  Quality standards/ control

Administration of electrotechnical certification scheme in afiliation with CSCS              Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry       www.jib.org.uk

Alarm monitoring & routine maintenance              ADT Fire and Security Plc       www.adt.co.uk

Analysis & Testing              British Glass Manufacturers Confederation       www.britglass.org.uk

ATaC asbestos testing and consulting - a division of Arca              Asbestos Removal Contractors' Association       www.arca.org.uk

Carpet quality control              The Carpet Foundation       www.carpetfoundation.com

Civil engineering test equipment              Capco Test Equipment, A division of Castlebroom Engineering Ltd       www.capco.co.uk

Dilapidation Surveys              EITE & Associates

Drone Surveys              Select Aerial Photography       www.selectaerialphotography.co.uk

Environmental services              British Glass Manufacturers Confederation       www.britglass.org.uk

Fracture & failure              British Glass Manufacturers Confederation       www.britglass.org.uk

Height safety training              Capital Safety Group (NE) Ltd       www.capitalsafety.com

In-house laboratory              DW Windsor Lighting       www.dwwindsor.co.uk

Methodologies within the water industry              British Water       www.britishwater.co.uk

Product & Perfomance              British Glass Manufacturers Confederation       www.britglass.org.uk

Quality standards/control              British Standards Institution       www.bsi-global.com

SAP Calculations              Oakwood Property Solutions       www.oakwoodps.co.uk

Service & Inspection Schemes for mechanical Plant              Multi Marque Production Engineering Ltd       www.multi-marque.co.uk

Stock testing              British Glass Manufacturers Confederation       www.britglass.org.uk

Technical support & customer service              Hilmor       www.hilmar.co.uk

Water Calculations              Oakwood Property Solutions       www.oakwoodps.co.uk

CPI reference:   A34  -  Security/ Safety/ Protection

Access              Magnum Ltd T/A Magnum Scaffolding       www.magnumltd.co.uk

Access and Fall Arrest Systems              Safety Works & Solutions Ltd       www.safetyworksandsolutions.co.uk

Access control              Allegion (UK) Ltd       www.allegion.co.uk

Access systems              Clow Group Ltd       www.ladders-direct.co.uk

Anti bandit & bullet resistant counters              Pearce Security Systems       www.ensig.co.uk

Asbestos Removal              Kitsons Insulation Products Ltd       www.kitsonsthermal.co.uk

Automatic / Self-Testing Emergency Lighting              P4 Limited       www.p4fastel.co.uk

Battery operated smoke & fire alarms              BRK Brands Europe Ltd       www.brk.co.uk

Bullet resistant gazing, windows, doors, screens              Pearce Security Systems       www.ensig.co.uk

Cable fall arrest system              Latchways plc       www.latchways.com

Carbon monoxide - detectors              BRK Brands Europe Ltd       www.brk.co.uk

Cash Handling & Recycling              Gunnebo UK Limited       www.gunnebo.co.uk

Door and window Locks              Securikey Ltd       www.securikey.co.uk

Energy conservation in built environment              BRE       www.bre.co.uk

External Mirrors              Moravia (UK) Ltd       www.moravia.co.uk

Fall arrest and safety              Bacon Group       www.bacongroup.co.uk

Fall arrest systems              Latchways plc       www.latchways.com

Fencing Security              Darfen Durafencing       www.darfen.co.uk

Fire research/consultancy              BRE       www.bre.co.uk

Fire training              Griffin and General Fire Services Ltd       www.griffinfire.co.uk

Floor protection              PHS Group plc       www. phs. co. uk

Footwear - industrial              Briggs Industrial Footwear Ltd t/a Briggs Safety Wear       www.briggsfootwear.co.uk

Fragile roof and rooflight covers              Latchways plc       www.latchways.com

Gaseous extinguishing              ADT Fire and Security Plc       www.adt.co.uk

Hardwire smoke & fire alarms              BRK Brands Europe Ltd       www.brk.co.uk

High security locking systems              Chubb Safe Equipment Company       www.chubb-safes.com

Industrial footwear              Briggs Industrial Footwear Ltd t/a Briggs Safety Wear       www.briggsfootwear.co.uk

Ladder safety systems              Latchways plc       www.latchways.com

Manufacturers of Fast Tow Mixers              Multi Marque Production Engineering Ltd       www.multi-marque.co.uk

Marking Tapes              Moravia (UK) Ltd       www.moravia.co.uk

Natural gas alarms              BRK Brands Europe Ltd       www.brk.co.uk

Passive fire protection, Resistance fire testing, Reaction to fire testing              BM TRADA       www.bmtradagroup.com/

Pedestrian barrier              Wade Building Services Ltd       www.wade-bs.co.uk

Personal Protective Equipment              Briggs Industrial Footwear Ltd t/a Briggs Safety Wear       www.briggsfootwear.co.uk

Personal Protective Equipment              Kem Edwards Ltd       www.kemedwards.co.uk

Planning Supervisors              Johnson VB LLP       www.vbjohnson.co.uk

Portable Security              Allegion (UK) Ltd       www.allegion.co.uk

Protection sheets              Cordek Ltd       www.cordek.com

Respiratory protection and safety helmets              MSA (Britain) Ltd       www.msabritain.co.uk/msa

Roof safety systems              Latchways plc       www.latchways.com

Safe Deposit Lockers              Gunnebo UK Limited       www.gunnebo.co.uk

Safes              Chubb Safe Equipment Company       www.chubb-safes.com

Safes & Vaults              Gunnebo UK Limited       www.gunnebo.co.uk

Safety access systems              Kobi Ltd       www.kobi.co.uk

Safety Equipment              HSS Hire Service Group       www.hss.co.uk

Safety eyebolts              Latchways plc       www.latchways.com

Safety harnesses, lifelines etc              Capital Safety Group (NE) Ltd       www.capitalsafety.com

Safety systems              Unistrut Limited       www.unistrut.co.uk

Safety/ security/ protection              Pilkington UK Ltd       www.pilkington.co.uk

Security / safety protection              Specialist Building Products

Security units              Parklines Building Ltd       www.parklines.co.uk

Security/ Safety/ Protection              Abloy UK       www.abloy.co.uk

Security/ Safety/ Protection              Harling Security Solutions Limited

Security/safety              Intersolar Group Ltd       www.intersolar.com

Security/safety/protection              BPT Automation Ltd       www.bptautomation.co.uk

Site Safety Equipment              Sportsmark Group Ltd       www.sportsmark.net

Steel Hoard Site Hoarding              Darfen Durafencing       www.darfen.co.uk

Steel security units              Ideal Building Systems Ltd       www.idealbuildingsystems.co.uk

Strongrooms              Chubb Safe Equipment Company       www.chubb-safes.com

Superbolt              Teamfurmanite Ltd       www.furmanite.com

Temporary security fences              Wade Building Services Ltd       www.wade-bs.co.uk

Temporary site hoarding              Wade Building Services Ltd       www.wade-bs.co.uk

Vaults              Chubb Safe Equipment Company       www.chubb-safes.com

Workwear              Briggs Industrial Footwear Ltd t/a Briggs Safety Wear       www.briggsfootwear.co.uk

CPI reference:   A36  -  Facilities/ Temporary works/ services

Bespoke esign services              Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd       www.camlok.co.uk

Builders bags              Hilton Banks Ltd

Cabins, site accommodation and event toilets              Rollalong Ltd       www.rollalong.co.uk

Demountable Flood Defense Systems              Bauer Renewables Ltd       www.bauer-renewables.co.uk

Emergency Lighting              P4 Limited       www.p4fastel.co.uk

Facilities/temporary works/services              Interface Europe Ltd       www.interfaceeurope.com

Graphic design services              Milesahead Graphic Design/Consultant

Non-mechanical access and building equipment (hire and sales)              Actavo (UK) Ltd       www.actavo.com

Palletwrap              Hilton Banks Ltd

Repairs and service of industrial doors              Avon Industrial Doors Ltd       www.avondoors.co.uk

Spill Kits              Teamfurmanite Ltd       www.furmanite.com

Tarpaulins              Hilton Banks Ltd

Temporary fencing and site guard panels              Guardian Wire Ltd       www.guardianwire.co.uk/

Temporary roadways              Eve Trakway       www.evetrakway.co.uk

Temporary works              Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd       www.frostsgroup.com

Trench Cover              MCL Composites Ltd       www.mcl-grp.co.uk

CPI reference:   A37  -  Operation/ Maintenance of the finished building

Anti-finger trap devices              Dorma Door Services Ltd       www.dorma-uk.co.uk

BCIS Building Running Costs Online              BCIS       www.rics.org/bcis

Door safety products              Dorma Door Services Ltd       www.dorma-uk.co.uk

Engineers tools              Spear & Jackson       www.spear-and-jackson.com

Garage door repairs              Acorn Garage Doors Ltd       www.acorngaragedoorsltd.co.uk

Hand tools              Hilmor       www.hilmar.co.uk

Lift & Escalator Maintenance / Repair / Service              Schindler Ltd       www.schindlerlifts.co.uk

Maintenance and service              Cooper Group Ltd       www.coopersblinds.co.uk

Maintenance and Service of environmental systems              Kingspan Environmental Ltd       www.kingspanenv.com

On Line Home improvements support              DIY Doctor       www.diydoctor.org.uk

Operation/ Maintenance of the finished building              Advanced Interior Solutions Ltd       https://www.ais-interiors.com/

Operation/ Maintenance of the finished building              Johnson Controls Building Efficiency UK Ltd       www.johnsoncontrols.com

Operational and maintenance contracts and technical advice              Doosan Power Systems Ltd       www.doosanpowersystems.com

Repair of Garage doors              Acorn Garage Doors Ltd       www.acorngaragedoorsltd.co.uk

Safety, Access & Retrieval Systems              Capital Safety Group (NE) Ltd       www.capitalsafety.com

Service              GP Burners (CIB) Ltd       www.gpburners.co.uk

Structural repairs              ProTen Services       www.protenservices.co.uk

CPI reference:   A40  -  Management and staff

TraIning              Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd       www.Airedale.com

CPI reference:   A41  -  Site accommodation

Modular buildings              Wernick Group Ltd       www.wernick.co.uk

Modular buildings hire              Waco UK Limnited       www.waco.co.uk

Modular buildings sale              Waco UK Limnited       www.waco.co.uk

Schools, Key Worker & Student Accomadation              Rollalong Ltd       www.rollalong.co.uk

Secure accommodation              Waco UK Limnited       www.waco.co.uk

Site accommodation              RB Farquhar Manufacturing Ltd       www.rbfarquhar.co.uk

Site accommodation              Waco UK Limnited       www.waco.co.uk

Site Accomodation              Caledonian Modular       www.caledonianmodular.com

Site Accomodation              Thurston Building Systems       www.thurstongroup.co.uk

Site cabins              RB Farquhar Manufacturing Ltd       www.rbfarquhar.co.uk

CPI reference:   A42  -  Services and facilities

24 hour service              Servowarm       www.servowarm.co.uk

24 hour service call out              Chubb Safe Equipment Company       www.chubb-safes.com

Abrasives tungsten carbide burs              PCT Group       www.pctgroup.co.uk

Access Equipment hire              HSS Hire Service Group       www.hss.co.uk

Air qulity monitoring              Zellweger Analytic Ltd, Sieger Division       www.zelana.com

Air tightness testing, Acoustic testing, Mechanical testing, Passive fire protection, Structural testing, Timber testing, Third party certification              BM TRADA       www.bmtradagroup.com/

Alloy tower and aerial platform training              Turner Access Ltd       www.turner-access.co.uk

Aluminium towers, aerial platforms, scissors and booms              Turner Access Ltd       www.turner-access.co.uk

Annual Services              Servowarm       www.servowarm.co.uk

Application Tooling              Hellermann Tyton       www.hellermanntyton.co.uk

Asbestos abatement and consultancy services              Rhodar Limited       www.Rhodar.co.uk

Automative tools              Spear & Jackson       www.spear-and-jackson.com

Bonded abrasives              Marcrist International Ltd       www.marcrist.co.uk

Bookshop              The Building Centre Group Ltd       www.buildingcentre.co.uk

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Bricklifter handlifting tools (bricks)              Edward Benton & Co Ltd       www.creteangle.com

Buckets              Airflow (Nicoll Ventilators) Ltd       www.airflow-vent.co.uk

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Decontamination units              Rollalong Ltd       www.rollalong.co.uk

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Diamond blades              Norton Diamond Products       www.norton-diamond.com

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Kermaster handlifting tools (Kerbs)              Edward Benton & Co Ltd       www.creteangle.com

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Plant              Linatex Ltd       www.linatex.net

Power tools-pneumatic/electric/hydraulic              PCT Group       www.pctgroup.co.uk

Publications              Butterworth-Heinemann       www.elsevier.com

Publications and technical information on timber              TRADA Technology Ltd       www.tradatechnology.co.uk

Scaffold hire              HSS Hire Service Group       www.hss.co.uk

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Skin care products              Deb Group Limited       www.debgroup.com

Soft faced hammers and mallets              Thor Hammer Co Ltd       www.thorhammer.com

Spindle tooling              Whitehill Spindle Tools Ltd       www.whitehill-tools.com

Suppliers of Bituminous Binders Road Surface Dressing Contractors              Colas Ltd       www.colas.co.uk

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Transportation of Brituminous Products, Liquid and Oils              Colas Ltd       www.colas.co.uk

Upgrade to existing system              Servowarm       www.servowarm.co.uk

Wall protection              Moffett Thallon & Co Ltd       www.moffett-thallon.co.uk

Wall tie condition surveys              HCL Contracts Ltd       www.hclgroup.co.uk

Wallpaper pasting machines              Ciret Limited       www.ciret.co.uk

CPI reference:   A43  -  Mechanical plant

Access platforms              Manitou (Site Lift) Ltd       www.manitou.com

Attachments/Accessories              HE Services (Plant Hire) Ltd       www.heservices.co.uk

Backhoe Loaders, Dumpers, Excavators, and Rollers              HE Services (Plant Hire) Ltd       www.heservices.co.uk

Boring machines, boring tools and trenchers              Vermeer United Kingdom       vermeer-uk.co.uk/

C-hooks/coil hooks              Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd       www.camlok.co.uk

Compressor crankcase heaters              Flexelec(UK) Ltd       www.flexelec.com

Construction equipment              Schwing Stetter (UK) Ltd       www.schwing-stetter.co.uk

Construction equipment, compressors, rock drills and accessories, compaction and paving equipment              Ingersoll-Rand European Sales Ltd       www.ingersollrand.com

Core drills              Harbro Supplies Ltd       www.habrosupplies.com

Crane forks              Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd       www.camlok.co.uk

Creteangle bulkbag systems              Edward Benton & Co Ltd       www.creteangle.com

Creteangle hopper vibratory feeder systems              Edward Benton & Co Ltd       www.creteangle.com

Creteangle moulds for precast concrete products              Edward Benton & Co Ltd       www.creteangle.com

Creteangle pan type mixers              Edward Benton & Co Ltd       www.creteangle.com

Diesel power generators              Sandhurst Manufacturing Co Ltd       www.sandhurst-mfg.com

Directional drill rigs              Vermeer United Kingdom       vermeer-uk.co.uk/

Double vacuum impregnation plant              Protim Solignum Ltd       www.protimsolignum.com

Drill bits              Artur Fischer (UK) Ltd       www.fischer.co.uk

Drum handling Equipment              Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd       www.camlok.co.uk

Electric tools              ITW Construction Products       www.itwcp.co.uk

Excavating and earth moving plant              J C Bamford (Excavators) Ltd       www.jcb.com

Forklift truck attachments              Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd       www.camlok.co.uk

Gas nailers              ITW Construction Products       www.itwcp.co.uk

Gas power tools              ITW Spit       www.itwcp.co.uk

General Site Equipment              Kem Edwards Ltd       www.kemedwards.co.uk

Grinding machines, surface and double ended grindes              Beacon Machine Tools Ltd

Height Safety, Controlled Access & Retrieval Systems              Capital Safety Group (NE) Ltd       www.capitalsafety.com

Hire of Mechanical Plant              HE Services (Plant Hire) Ltd       www.heservices.co.uk

Horizontal grinders              Vermeer United Kingdom       vermeer-uk.co.uk/

Horticultural and agricultural tools              Spear & Jackson       www.spear-and-jackson.com

Lifting clamps and grabs              Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd       www.camlok.co.uk

Machine tools for the manufacture of building products              BSA Machine Tools Ltd       www.bsamachinetools.co.uk

Machinery              The Saw Centre Group       www.thesawcentre.co.uk

Manual and powered hoists, winches and jacks              PCT Group       www.pctgroup.co.uk

Manufacturer of Conveyors              Multi Marque Production Engineering Ltd       www.multi-marque.co.uk

Manufacturers of Roller Mixer              Multi Marque Production Engineering Ltd       www.multi-marque.co.uk

Material handling equipment              Harbro Supplies Ltd       www.habrosupplies.com

Mechanical Plant              Access Industries Group Ltd       www.accessequipment.net

Mechanical plant              Johnson Controls Building Efficiency UK Ltd       www.johnsoncontrols.com

Mechanical plant spares              O'Brian Manufacturing Ltd

Mechcanical services Contractor              Kershaw Mechanical Services Ltd       www.kershawmechanical.co.uk/

Mini excavators, dumper trucks, rollers and cement mixers              Chippindale Plant Ltd       www.chippindale-plant.co.uk

Mobile site lighting              Sandhurst Manufacturing Co Ltd       www.sandhurst-mfg.com

Moles              Vermeer United Kingdom       vermeer-uk.co.uk/

Pan type mixing machinery              Benton Co Ltd Edward       www.creteangle.com

Plant Body Shop              HE Services (Plant Hire) Ltd       www.heservices.co.uk

Plant hire              HSS Hire Service Group       www.hss.co.uk

Plant hire              Signature Ltd       www.signatureltd.com

Plate compactors              Chippindale Plant Ltd       www.chippindale-plant.co.uk

Pneumatic nailers              ITW Construction Products       www.itwcp.co.uk

Power actuated tools              ITW Construction Products       www.itwcp.co.uk

Power tools and accessories              Robert Bosch Ltd       www.bosch.co.uk

Rail handling Equipment              Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd       www.camlok.co.uk

Road Maintenance Equipment              Phoenix Engineering Co Ltd, The       www.phoenixeng.co.uk

Rough terrain forklifts              Manitou (Site Lift) Ltd       www.manitou.com

Sand blast equipment              Harbro Supplies Ltd       www.habrosupplies.com

Schedule of basic plant changes              BCIS       www.rics.org/bcis

Screwlok beam clamps              Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd       www.camlok.co.uk

Scrubber driers              Quirepace Ltd.       www.quirepace.co.uk

Site dumpers, concrete and mortar mixers, sawbenches and telescopic handlers              Multi Marque Production Engineering Ltd       www.multi-marque.co.uk

Snow Clearance              HE Services (Plant Hire) Ltd       www.heservices.co.uk

Sorbents              Teamfurmanite Ltd       www.furmanite.com

Special rigging structures              Scotia Rigging Services (Industrial Stainless Steel Rigging Specialists)

Stone processing machinery              Harbro Supplies Ltd       www.habrosupplies.com

Telehandlers              Chippindale Plant Ltd       www.chippindale-plant.co.uk

Telehandlers              HE Services (Plant Hire) Ltd       www.heservices.co.uk

Telescopic loaders              Manitou (Site Lift) Ltd       www.manitou.com

Timber machining service              Brewer T. & Co Ltd

Tipping skips              Woodburn Engineering Ltd

Tools              Duffells Limited       www.duffells.com/

Transport Services              HE Services (Plant Hire) Ltd       www.heservices.co.uk

Tree equipment, woodchippers, stump cutters and tub grinders              Vermeer United Kingdom       vermeer-uk.co.uk/

Trenchers              Vermeer United Kingdom       vermeer-uk.co.uk/

Truck mounted forklift              Manitou (Site Lift) Ltd       www.manitou.com

Tube Bending Machines              Tubela Engineering Co Ltd       www.tubela.com

Vehicle turntables              British Turntable Ltd       www.hovair.co.uk

Welding and Brazing equipment \\ consumables              Johnson Matthey PLC - Metal Joining       www.jm-metaljoining.com

Welding Equipment              HSS Hire Service Group       www.hss.co.uk

Welding equipment              PCT Group       www.pctgroup.co.uk

CPI reference:   A44  -  Temporary works

Abnormal lead support              Eve Trakway       www.evetrakway.co.uk

Access platforms              Chippindale Plant Ltd       www.chippindale-plant.co.uk

Access towers              SGB, a Brand Company       www.sgb.co.uk

Adhesive, solid, metallic, plastic tapes              Marking Machines International       www.sportsmark.net

All forms of line (sports and commercial) marking machines              Marking Machines International       www.sportsmark.net

Aluminium towers              Youngman Group Limited       www.youngmangroup.com

Anchor testing & installation              HCL Contracts Ltd       www.hclgroup.co.uk

Bridge jacking and monitoring              Mabey Hire Ltd       www.mabeyhire.co.uk

Bridges              Eve Trakway       www.evetrakway.co.uk

Cable grips              Albion Manufacturing       www.albionmanufacturing.com

Contract scaffolding              Magnum Ltd T/A Magnum Scaffolding       www.magnumltd.co.uk

Ground protection              Eve Trakway       www.evetrakway.co.uk

Industrial scaffolding - Industrial Solutions              Actavo (UK) Ltd       www.actavo.com

Ladders              Titan Ladders Ltd       www.titanladders.co.uk

Ladders              Youngman Group Limited       www.youngmangroup.com

Ladders & steps              Youngman Group Limited       www.youngmangroup.com

Loftladders              Titan Ladders Ltd       www.titanladders.co.uk

Measuring tapes and equipment              Marking Machines International       www.sportsmark.net

Modular buildings              Elliott Ltd       www.elliottuk.com

Pest control - humane live catch and trap              Albion Manufacturing       www.albionmanufacturing.com

Safety Deck Systems – Hire and Sales              Actavo (UK) Ltd       www.actavo.com

Scaffold boards              Brash John & Co Ltd       www.johnbrash.co.uk

Scaffold sheeting              Icopal Limited       www.monarflex.co.uk

Scaffold towers              Titan Ladders Ltd       www.titanladders.co.uk

Scaffolding              Howard Evans Roofing and Cladding Ltd       www.howardevansroofingandcladding.co.uk

Scaffolding              Schauman (UK) Ltd       www.upm.com

Scaffolding              SGB, a Brand Company       www.sgb.co.uk

Scaffolding              Wade Building Services Ltd       www.wade-bs.co.uk

Scaffolding restraints              HCL Contracts Ltd       www.hclgroup.co.uk

Scaffolding Systems              Turner Access Ltd       www.turner-access.co.uk

Site buildings              Elliott Ltd       www.elliottuk.com

Staging              CPS Manufacturing Co       www.cpsmanufacturingco.com

Stagings              Clow Group Ltd       www.ladders-direct.co.uk

Steps              Titan Ladders Ltd       www.titanladders.co.uk

Temporary fencing              Rom Ltd       www.rom.co.uk

Temporary fencing and barriers              Elliott Ltd       www.elliottuk.com

Temporary Road Markings              Sportsmark Group Ltd       www.sportsmark.net

Temporary roadway              Sommerfeld Flexboard Ltd       www.sommerfeld.co.uk

Temporary roadways and bridging              Mabey Hire Ltd       www.mabeyhire.co.uk

Temporary works              Freyssinet Ltd       www.freyssinet.co.uk

Towers              Clow Group Ltd       www.ladders-direct.co.uk

CPI reference:   A45  -  Computer software and software licenses

Construction Software              Eque2 Limited       www.eque2-evaluate.co.uk

Estimating Software              Eque2 Limited       www.eque2-evaluate.co.uk

CPI reference:   A55  -  Dayworks

Building Price Book              Laxton's Publishing Ltd       www.laxton-s.co.uk

CPI reference:   A61  -  Preliminaries/ General conditions for investigation/ survey contract

Drone Surveys              Select Aerial Photography       www.selectaerialphotography.co.uk

Energy Performance Certificates              Oakwood Property Solutions       www.oakwoodps.co.uk

CPI reference:   A63  -  Preliminaries/ General conditions for landscape contract

Drone Surveys              Select Aerial Photography       www.selectaerialphotography.co.uk

CPI reference:   A70  -  General specification requirements for work package

Book Sales              Gardners Books       www.gardners.com

Book sales              Professional Books Limited       www.professionalbooks.co.uk

Book sales              RIBA Enterprises       www.ribaenterprises.com

Book Sales              TRADA Bookshop       bookshop.bmtrada.com

Book sales              TRADA Technology Ltd       www.tradatechnology.co.uk

Book sales              tso shop       www.tsoshop.co.uk

Book Sales              Waterstones       www.waterstones.com

Book Sales              Which Building Contract       www.whichbuildingcontract.co.uk

Book sellers              Construction Industry Publications       www.cip-books.com

Book sellers              Dandy Booksellers        www.dandybooksellers.com

Book Sellers              RICS Book Shop       www.rics.org/uk/shop/

Business to Business Publications              EMAP       www.emap.com

Online Book Suppliers              The Book Depository Ltd       www.bookdepository.com

RICS publications              Dandy Booksellers        www.dandybooksellers.com

Specialist Book Sellers              RICS Book Shop       www.rics.org/uk/shop/

Wholsale booksellers              Bertrams       www.bertrams.com